One week left in The Bahamas!

Very strange that this was our last weekend here and this is our last week! We’ve been working on site Saturday mornings, but other than that we spent the weekend on beaches and it was really quite a perfect last day and a half of free time. I am unbelievably tan—I honestly didn’t know I could get so tan!

Definitely bittersweet to be leaving; I pretty much feel like I live here now. It will be hard to say goodbye to the people I’ve met and enjoyed having around to talk to all the time, the sunsets, the clear water, and even the early mornings and working outside. I’ve really enjoyed the work and have learned a ton and would like it to continue, but also this has been a good amount of time I feel. I’m certainly stronger. I think my arms were at maybe 93% strength and now it’s more like 97%, which isn’t bad for two months! I’m tempted to go to another site to help get back to 100% strength. At the moment, however, I’m really looking forward to baths and air conditioning and flush toilets and being able to get rid of my heat rash and not having to listen to people complain about things, so it does feel like time to leave.

On Friday a crane filled the top of the walls with concrete which was cool to watch

Only five more days of waking up at six and spending eight hours working on a construction site! Very strange to imagine it ending. If you are interested in donating to these Abaco schools and my workout in the hot sun in The Bahamas, this would be the perfect time! I certainly appreciate the support. Fundraising page.

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