Lucky enough to chance on the dragonfly migration the other day! Hundreds of thousands (millions?) of dragonflies all pointed due south, zipping down the coast. Very cool. Very hard to photograph. But over the jungly trees on our dunes many of them had nipped off for a break and a snack; they were zipping over […]

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Ceramics and Rowing

In the spirit of sometimes leaving the house and not spending my entire life working or writing while lying on the couch, (or in the bath reading novels), I’ve taken up rowing in addition to ceramics. It’s pretty satisfying to have acquired two new skills in the last few months. In the rowing club we […]

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Took a brief trip to Iowa and got to see both a beautiful fall and a brief lovely taste of winter, and then run back to 80 degree Florida. Doctor visit was pretty worthless, he basically said yeah I don’t know what to tell you anymore there’s no data for this at all whatsoever… You […]

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Ceramics and transcriptions

I’ve been keeping busy! Sort of. Too busy to write blog posts, apparently, or not busy enough to have anything in particular to write about? Maybe both. Anyway I have been doing lots of novel writing, and also some working and some day drinking with friends, and lots of going to the gym and yoga, […]

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Hurricane Vacation

Record-setting monster hurricane Dorian almost paid us a visit! The original forecast was to hit basically exactly where we live as a 4, which would undoubtedly have been the end of our house (or at least of our roof and therefore all of our things, as the landlord hasn’t repaired the roof after the last […]

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Portland college reunion

Took a quick trip to the opposite corner of the country to attend my 10 year college reunion last week. It was mostly fun and only moderately depressing. I was reminded of what a beautiful place Portland is, and what a beautiful campus my college has. In the words of the girl I walked to […]

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Snakes have two penises!

WHO KNEW?! That’s right: a left penis and a right penis. Just in case anyone else is as thrilled by this fabulous factoid as I am, I thought I’d share. By the way, anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a big fan of snakes: if I were to rank every kind of animal […]

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Super Sweet Strawberry Chia Jam

A couple weeks ago I had a Little House on the Prairie moment and became determined to make strawberry jam with a mountain of fresh farmers market strawberries. I was fairly successful. Actually the jam is delicious, it’s just really really effing sweet. On fresh baked bread it’s kinda perfect though. My typical cooking style […]

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