New Year!

The holidays came and went very quickly and were rather strange and somewhat intense, for a variety of reasons I might not get into, but also quite festive. I spent a few of the holiday days not following the AIP at all and it was was fun to remember what bread, cheese, and excessive amounts […]

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Feeling betterish

So two months into the prednisone and I’ve built up enough muscle that a lot of things are finally starting to feel almost normal, like showering and washing dishes and walking to the beach. Which is great! It’s really and truly a wonderful feeling to be able to lift things without strain (not the cat […]

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Things dermatomyositis has made hard

This has been absolutely excruciating. I know there are more painful autoimmune disorders out there (this has not been painful at all really) but it’s really impossible to convey just how awful it is to experience your body getting weaker and weaker, your muscles smaller and smaller, and your capabilities less and less, and be […]

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Legs feeling better…

Such  relief to wake up this morning with almost no tightness or strange streaming sensation in the muscles in the tops of my thighs. Wouldn’t it be nice if the prednisone were really working and changes were happening? Some concern that it has to do with supplements that I started taking again because they brought […]

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Old About Me

So my life recently took a very strange turn… From being nomadic and fiercely-independent I’ve suddenly been faced with a severe autoimmune disorder and loss of muscle so extreme I need help climbing stairs. Before I get back into the swing of regular life I need to do some major healing, so this blog will […]

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