Deep fried chicken gizzards…

These are chicken gizzards frying. Apparently this is a thing, and now I’ve tried it. This blog post convinced me chicken gizzards were pretty special items as deep fried things go; interestingly the writer also points out that chicken wings used to be discarded until someone in a bar started frying them up and they […]

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Organ meat for cocktail hour

Apparently liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet! (Interesting article on the world’s 11 most nutrient dense foods here). I haven’t tried beef liver yet, but there are two big ones waiting in the freezer. I have, however, now tried chicken liver mousse and actually enjoyed it. I’ve made two […]

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Sourcing meat (and cake)

On a nutrient-rich paleo diet like the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol every meal or snack should include healthy fats and proteins, and this boils down to eating a lot of meat. For the last month I’ve managed to eat meat at basically every meal, up from maybe once or twice a week. I can tell my […]

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