Turmeric and Inflammation

I made turmeric gummies! Actually they are more like curcumin and honey jelly squares, and they are pretty tasty. I got the recipe here, but it’s basically gelatin, honey, coconut oil and turmeric (I used curcumin powder and recommend adding more than in the recipe, next time I think I’ll add 3-4 times as much). […]

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True Cinnamon

In the past I haven’t been a huge cinnamon fan but for some reason I’ve been eating a lot of it lately, enjoying stirring it into my tea, or piling it on baked apples or fruit. Curious as to how this might fit in with my very-conscious eating I did a little research and discovered […]

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Life without caffeine

I’ve just reached my first month without caffeine! There appears to be a lot of debate on whether caffeine (and coffee in particular) reduces or increases inflammation. As far as the AIP is concerned coffee is out, at least at first, due to being a seed, but tea (being a leaf) is allowed if you […]

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