Kombucha and Kefir Creatures

The whole time I’ve been on the AIP I’ve been making kefir with a batch of spongy little kefir grains. It’s totally bizarre that these little tiny living things turn milk or other liquids into this totally other kind of drink. And it’s so easy: you just add the grains to the milk, leave it […]

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Food Updates and Kiwi Berries

I’m at food number 174 in my 200 paleo foods challenge, and it’s really fun to be able to look back on the list and see the variety of foods I’ve eaten and the new things I’ve tried. Most interesting new food lately: kiwi berries. These soft little green berries taste just like kiwis! What’s […]

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Krauting success!

My little pint of sauerkraut has been sitting in a dark cupboard for the last week busily fermenting itself, and now it appears that the special lids and jar weights did their job! It’s been a week and the sauerkraut tastes like sauerkraut. I’m pleased with the tools I bought: no need to constantly check […]

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Making Sauerkraut

First attempt at homemade sauerkraut! Fermented foods are an important part of the AIP (or really any healthy diet, yay probiotics), but it seems ridiculous to pay $7 a pop for tiny jars of organic cabbage that probably have 80% of their goodness pasteurized out anyway. Plus more projects! I bought a few tools via […]

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