More pioneer family

I’ve just read a second fascinating account of my pioneer family history. This one centers around my grandmother’s great-grandfather Peter Franklin Clark (related to William Clark of Lewis and Clark fame, apparently). He managed to hit all the major 1800s pioneer highlights in his life: the California gold rush, the Civil War, and the Oregon Trail.  […]

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Family trees and cousins

Reading the account of my pioneer family history inspired me to try and sort out second and third cousins and cousins once or twice removed (I know I’ve looked this up many times before but I think this time I actually got it to stick in my head), and I thought I’d share some of […]

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Pioneers and family history

I happen to have in my possession a copy of a family history account written by my great-grandaunt (my father’s mother’s father’s sister), that just kind of blew my mind. First off, it amazes me what a short distance I can go back in my family tree and find someone homesteading in “Indian country” and […]

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It would be pretty boring being stuck in the house all day without these silly fuzz people to keep me company. This is Ratty (The Rat, Rat) named for Ratty in The Wind in the Willows, and also because she often happens to look exactly like an extremely large rat. She’s a Russian Blue with golden eyes […]

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