The really awful MD scare

So, as I’ve alluded to a couple of times, I actually spent about two months this summer genuinely thinking I had muscular dystrophy and was dying, which was, as you might have guessed, pretty shitty. Why did I think this? Two reasons. The first is that that’s exactly what it felt like. The second was […]

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Getting a muscle biopsy

One of the more surreal episodes in this strange adventure was going to the hospital in Iowa City to get a muscle biopsy. This turned  out to take place in a full, television-style operating room in the neurosurgery department no less! We were there for 11 hours. I’d read online that a muscle biopsy was […]

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Why do I have this awful thing?

I’ve certainly been asking myself this question but the strange thing is I have a weirdly plausible answer. I’m doing what limited research I can, but the specialist I’ve been seeing is also looking into it and he should have much better luck. I got these candida injections, six of them (three in my toe […]

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Just got my results back!

Drumroll… Yes I have dermatomyositis! Only someone else who also spent several months thinking they had muscular dystrophy can appreciate just how exciting that is. When I first went to the specialist he almost immediately thought it was dermatomyositis because he could see the redness on my hands that I had hardly noticed, and he […]

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Old About Me

So my life recently took a very strange turn… From being nomadic and fiercely-independent I’ve suddenly been faced with a severe autoimmune disorder and loss of muscle so extreme I need help climbing stairs. Before I get back into the swing of regular life I need to do some major healing, so this blog will […]

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