Blue Lagoon

I’m currently at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland!

I meant to keep up my blog through my three week trip to England, but ended up just having fun and seeing friends and sampling lots of different gins.

Anyway, Iceland Air offers free stopovers on their flights connecting through Reykjavik and I am staying for two nights. Just long enough to come experience this enormous blue hot spring. I am wearing my underwear and bra, but I’ve made it to one of the wonders of the world! There’s a bar and also a mask bar where they give you face masks for your skin. Both are “swim” up, but it’s really more like walk-glide through the water up. Feeling very relaxed, though detoxed might be too much to hope for.

The walk up through the moss-covered lava (which seems to be the entire Icelandic landscape)
The mask bar. Silica, mineral, and algae.
The wooden box things are pumping up the warm seawater and the pools get warmer near them. More mossy lava everywhere.

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