Home from Abaco

I’ve just reached home and the water tastes so ambrosial! I didn’t realize how thoroughly I’d gotten used to the water filtered on base that had been sitting in a big plastic cube with chlorine in it. It also seems weird to be somewhere with whole buildings and wide lanes of traffic. I can’t wait to eat avocado toast and non-spicy pasta. I’m going to miss the people a lot—it’s amazing how much you bond living and working in such close contact with a group. Work the last couple of weeks was some of my favorite.

The two school buildings as we left them. It was so cool to see how far they came in the time we were there.
On this building I helped put up the wooden ledger beam running along the front, measuring and drilling the holes for the bolts that were put in the concrete. One of my favorite jobs! We also got to see the crane lifting up the roof trusses.
One day I went around to the houses where roofs were finished and helped tidy them up
We also went to a junkyard that was one of the most surreal dystopian landscapes I’ve ever seen. It was an endless maze of overgrown junk piles that you could quite literally get lost in
Our shade structure after a massive rain dump
I was voted most likely to steal Patches, but refrained. We definitely bonded though and I bought her some dewormer

At the last minute I also raised enough money to be awarded a comfy All Hands and Hearts sweater, which was wonderful to have on our last sadly rainy chilly morning and on the flight home, as I’d left my only other warm thing out in the rain the night before. Thank you so much to everyone who supported me and the projects in Abaco with donations! I’ve arrived home much stronger, tanner, and generally better feeling than I was two months ago. In fact I enjoyed the work and the experience so much I am thinking of joining a project in Mexico. But for now I’m just really looking forward to getting rid of the heat rash on my back and using a flush toilet…

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