School Finished

We finished our quarantine in time to spend one final week on the school, Every Child Counts, that All Hands has been working on all year. They built four buildings and we mostly helped finish the last one. It was really cool seeing everything come together. We are a lucky cohort because we are getting to see both one school finished and another begun. I haven’t been to the new one yet, but other groups have and they say it’s exceedingly hot. Tomorrow will be my first day there. On Saturday there was a lovely little ceremony handing over this school to the teachers and administrators (they were on Zoom). Rebuilding this school was especially meaningful as it is the only school in the Bahamas catering to special needs students and it was just completed months before Dorian reduced it to rubble. At the ceremony they played a video showing the construction of the new buildings starting with tearing down the destroyed ones and moving through to now. I wish I could share it here!

The buildings look so good! There’s even a lovely lawn now
The music room
I’m especially fond of the deck after putting on all the spindles
This little guy found his way all the way into the room where I was working on the last day
Condos by the beach
Super fun floating bar on a day off

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