Quarantine times

This week has been pretty unusual. One of the only two unvaccinated members of our group came down with covid-like symptoms on Friday night and tested positive, so we’ve had to spend the whole week in quarantine from the other “bubbles” on the project. The rest of us have now tested negative and we can go out on the weekend and then back to work on Monday. It’s been strange having to stay in one corner of the base camp where our bunks are, but we made an excellent tarp fort, painted some chairs, and had a Harry Potter and then Twilight marathon. We have now finished them all… Not terrible, but not exactly what we came for…

We also spent a couple of days tying rebar structures for support columns because that work could come to us.

As of half an hour ago we are free! We’ll get to leave base tonight and then hopefully burn off the lounging calories next week at the new school where they are still working on the foundation. The school we’ve been working on was finished today without us!

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