Deck finished!

Super fun finishing the deck railing this week. We had to manufacture a bunch more spindles, which involved not only the miter saw but also the table saw. The table saw was only scary before we were taught how it worked, something that could be said about a lot of things in life I suppose. The table saw was actually really fun. When my partner and I finished the railings we put approximately a million screws in the deck boards with impact drivers.

Last section! We are way more excited than we look in this picture
A pause in the deck screwing forever task. Finished at the last minute on Friday

Haven’t been around too much since the weekend, but took some other pictures at the beach of the nearest structure—humbling to be reminded even in the most beautiful locations of what happened here. Sad and kind of eerie.

Beautiful beach sunset last night!

Halfway to my fundraising goal to help out All Hands and Abaco!

One thought on “Deck finished!

  1. Wonderful! Your deck is beautiful and looks professionally done. I’m so happy you are there and having this amazing experience. Thank you for documenting it for us so we can see it all too. Love, Leilla


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