Day off adventures

Saturday mornings we learn about how All Hands and Hearts projects are conceived of and managed, which was actually quite interesting, and then we had the afternoon off. First we drove out to a “blue hole”—a natural super deep swimming hole. The first part of the drive was quite sad, as it was through miles and miles of hurricane-devastated forest.

So much of the island around us is just miles and miles of this
Punctuated with this

The dead forest just goes on and on with the odd flattened building, or smashed car, truck or boat, or patch of trunks wrapped around with bits of metal.

Finally we did get to a more alive part of the island, however, where the trees were growing, and randomly deep in the woods was this incredible swimming hole.

The alive forest. The blue hole is actually in this picture but you can’t see it until you are right on top of it.
Water was warm!
Steps built down into it

Apparently it is 300 meters deep, with fresh water on top, then a layer of algae, and then saltwater underneath that layer of algae that connects to the ocean. I was also told that it is some of the oldest water in the world and that sometimes sea turtles swim in from the ocean, but all of that information is secondhand and all I know for sure is that it was a really deep warm swimming hole hidden in the trees.

Afterwards we went to a very narrow part of the island with two wildly different types of beach just meters away from each other and a bar in the middle. I had gin and tonics and grilled cheese. It was lovely.

One side was clear and flat
One side was rocky. There were many adorable hermit crabs of all sizes hanging out on the beach and in the bar

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