Tools and lightning

Today we learned how to use tools that I always thought would be more complicated than they actually were. Well, mainly just the saws were much easier and more fun than I expected. All the tools were fun really, and afterwards we practiced what we’d learned by putting together shutters for one of the schools. Unfortunately we then got chased inside by lightning and we have spent the last two+ hours sheltering in place in our bunks. We played cards for a while but hopefully this won’t be happening too much. Tomorrow we will go to the actual job sites to start, and on the sites apparently there is usually work to do inside if it is storming. There is one school right next to us that is nearly finished, and another one a bit farther away, and some groups will be going to work putting roofs on local homes. After a couple of days we won’t be wearing masks in our groups which will be nice, but for now we basically all look the same in these pictures.

I actually really like this chop saw and can’t wait to do more

After today I feel like I really will be comfortable with these tools and building at the end of two months, rather than just having a vague introduction. Pleased about that! Though currently we are all just wondering if this storm will ever pass so we can leave our bunks and have dinner.

Update… we basically never did leave last night—the storm was intense! I also couldn’t get enough WiFi to post this, so I am posting it now, after our first proper work day. The school next to us, Every Child Counts, has two buildings done and one nearly done and one that’s pretty much just being painted. I was in a group that was painting, and six hours roller brushing a ceiling really works out your shoulders, I find. End of the day picture my group all looks a bit wrecked. Fun day though! It’s really inspiring seeing this work getting done, but there’s really a lot left to do here in the town.

The nearly finished building some of us were painting inside

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