Arriving in Marsh Harbour

After five days of quarantining in Fort Lauderdale to make sure we don’t bring Covid to The Bahamas, we are here! Extremely exciting hour-long plane ride in the tiniest plane I have ever been in, with the most incredible views of water that just got bluer and clearer and more beautiful the farther we went. I think I saw a shark from the plane.

This rv is serving as the airport

Lots of devastation from Dorian here. Miles of dead trees and lots of gutted buildings and fields of smashed cars. Also a few buildings that have been beautifully built back, but for the most part everything is empty and mostly roofless, and it is strangely silent walking around town. It’s quite sad.

There are also lots of beaches and I’ve already given myself a sunburn. Excited for work to start tomorrow, and for exploring more and learning more about the community. I’ll take more pictures of the town and beaches, but these are of the camp. It’s built on a big slab of concrete that used to be the base of a grocery store.

Base camp

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