Bahamas Plans

I haven’t been a good blogger as of late–that is to say, I haven’t been writing anything here at all–but I hope to change that as things open up and more adventures are allowed. First off, I’m going to The Bahamas for nine weeks on a volunteering project! The project is through All Hands and Hearts, an amazing disaster-relief nonprofit that goes around the world rebuilding houses and schools and such after disasters. They have been rebuilding schools in Marsh Harbour ever since Hurricane Dorian (that massive category 5) came and sat on top of the island in 2019. Dorian was the most powerful hurricane on record for The Bahamas and the devastation was immense. Dorian was expected to come here to the east coast of Florida and we took a trip to Sanibel on the west coast to avoid it. Only the very edge came here in the end, but it was absolutely terrible what it did to the Abaco Islands.

I’m really looking forward to a change of scene, interesting people to meet, and lots of being physical and being outside, after years of spending far too much time indoors on the couch on my computer. And yes, for those of you who have been following along for a while, this does mean that I’m basically a normal person at this point, capable of helping build things! Definitely figuring this will also be a good strength-building activity and they teach all sorts of construction skills that I am interested to learn. It will probably be far too hot and often exhausting and hard, but there will also be cool people to hang out with in the evenings and a beach nearby, and I’m pretty sure that nothing I ever do in my life is going to be more stressful than teaching Russian teens at summer camp…

I will try to keep everyone posted!

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