Building a Composting Garden Bed

I’ve been slowly working on a gardening project the last few months involving building a 6’ x 4’ garden bed with a Subpod in it. The Subpod is a worm composter that actually goes inside the garden bed and has holes in the sides so the worms can move between the compost and the garden soil! They enrich the soil and also make compost in the Subpod that you can take out to use on other plants. They also makes compost tea.

I got it because I hate throwing food scapes away as compostable material is just about the worst thing you can put in landfill, but the garden bed enrichment was the feature that made me get the Subpod over other composters.

The worms eat fast and in just a few weeks rich black compost is already building up! So far their favorite food is pasta. They went through a massive amount of old penne in record time. Yesterday I gave them stale breakfast cereal—I hope they are enjoying it.

Feeding the worms

As of now, we have 1000 red wigglers and 250 nightcrawlers, which are slightly bigger. They came in the mail—kind of bizarre to have the UPS guy walk up to you with a box with holes punched in that is sort of… wiggling… The worms seem to have settled in very happily.

The vegetables aren’t doing quite as well, it’s a bit early for things to be growing in Florida, though the 30% shade cloth seems to help. We’ll definitely need to do some experimenting with the gardening part, but in any case we are composting!

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