Took a brief trip to Iowa and got to see both a beautiful fall and a brief lovely taste of winter, and then run back to 80 degree Florida.

Doctor visit was pretty worthless, he basically said yeah I don’t know what to tell you anymore there’s no data for this at all whatsoever… You can keep taking the immune suppressant for years and probably have a shitty immune system, or stop taking it and risk going through the whole rigamarole/nightmare with the prednisone again. Fun choice! Not sure what I’m going to do at this point other than enjoy the nice weather.

Though good news–it’s NaNoWriMo season again! I’ve started working on a novel from way back that involves time travel and seems promising but also makes me fearful that I’ll get bogged down in lots of impossible things and a plot structure that falls apart… But more cheerful and more inspired than last year–having fun.

In addition to getting going with NaNoWriMo the past few days, I also went down to enjoy the fabulous weather on my friend’s Nordhavn with her, which was parked in a West Palm Beach marina alongside the megayachts of the 1%. These included Tiger Woods’ behemoth named, rather pointedly, Privacy. Unlike my weekend in Iowa this weekend was definitely full summer, and one night somehow turned into three and far too many brunch mimosas. Golf superstars might be at the actual bottom of my list of superstars I’d be excited to meet, still it’s not everyday you are living next door to a household name and chatting to his kids on the dock.

This yacht was truly a beast and had a full crew that wore white in the day and black at night!

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