Hurricane Vacation

Record-setting monster hurricane Dorian almost paid us a visit! The original forecast was to hit basically exactly where we live as a 4, which would undoubtedly have been the end of our house (or at least of our roof and therefore all of our things, as the landlord hasn’t repaired the roof after the last hurricane). Fortunately it shifted off north and east, though omg it sure sat on the Bahamas as a 5 for far too long…

In the meantime we’ve been having a pretty excellent hurricane vacation with the cats, who relaxed and seem to be having a decent time now that they are situated in our little cottage and have even got to poke around outside a bit. Though they really didn’t like being stuffed in a box and taken for a car ride, the poor little puffy fuzz pies.

As per usual I’ve almost exclusively taken pictures of cats…

We came to Sanibel Island on the gulf coast and rented a little vacation house and don’t want to leave! The beach here is absolutely fantastic–the water is clearish (sometimes I think it’s even clearer) and it’s almost completely flat–it’s like swimming in the world’s biggest bathtub. You can just sit there in the water looking at shells, one girl was even sitting out there reading her book. There’s an amazing bird show–terns and seagulls fly right over you, fish swim around you, and it’s all pretty magical. Sometimes there’s a warm rain. It’s so nice we can hardly drag ourselves away from the beach to go home and make dinner at night.

Also this gorgeous little island is full of bike paths, and we saw baby frogs, the cutest teeny tiny baby freshwater turtle, and lots and lots of terns feeding fish to their big fluffy babies…

We even decided to stay an extra night, with the added bonus of knowing we have a house to go back to! So instead of losing all our things we got a fab vacation, new swimsuits, and tans. I’m sorry everyone’s hurricane couldn’t be so good–we definitely know where we will be when the next one blows by.

Rescued him from the road and took him to a pond. The cutest thing ever…

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