of Montreal

In amongst all the fishermen I actually found a guy to go out with–someone who has long hair and cool clothes and put on his profile that if he could teleport anywhere it would be to Berghain (which is a club in Berlin I’d love to go to as well).

We went to see the band of Montreal in Orlando. The band was campy good fun and it was great to go out dancing, though the whole thing would have been even more fun without the two hour drive home at 1am. The band has a lot of good music videos, here’s one I particularly enjoyed.

Not sure if we will manage to go out again or not. I think it would be fun, mainly because he liked to dance and had cool clothes (I know, massively high bar to set), and not because it was the best date ever (I’m pretty sure asking “are you getting your own drink?” isn’t really the preferred way to either offer to buy your date a drink or decide to go Dutch, but hey, that’s a minor complaint). Anyway we haven’t managed to lock down another plan, in part because it’s hard to have to go so super far to get to something good. We shall see. In the meantime I’m definitely pleased with the discovery of this band, as well as the fact that there are actually fish in the sea that are slightly less fishy.

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