Updates and Herbs

I haven’t been posting much on here lately because now that I am basically a strong, functional, “normal” (whatever that means) person, it feels odd to spew nonsense about the random things I’m cooking and doing into the cyberspace void. I’m not sure why it feels like that’s more acceptable if you’ve got something wrong with you?

I’ve also become exceptionally lazy, somewhat counterintuitively, now that I feel physically fine. I was using the blog as something to keep me occupied and distracted, but now I have going to the gym and trying to turn bits of freelancing into a proper jerb, in addition to all the cooking from scratch for my still mostly paleo diet, and in between these efforts I am finding myself content to do a lot more lounging around. The beach is really nice in the morning with a travel mug of tea, I have a massive stack of novels to be read, the cats demand frequent brushing, and my plants need to be watered a lot because it’s hot out. I’ve also (finally) started to feel some real inspiration around my writing projects again so I’ve been spending most of my time writing. Life has gotten quite a bit better.

Also as of now I’m FINALLY down to 5mg of prednisone/day which is, apparently, how much your body makes every day anyway, so the last of the side effects should fade away. They’ve already gotten loads better over the past few months: I feel endlessly less grumpy, on-edge, and exhausted, my hyper-sensitive teeth are back to normal, I can sleep in in the mornings if I want (more than I want, actually). Hopefully the hamster cheeks don’t have much longer to last either.

Anyway I do like having this blog and do sometimes think of things to write about, so I’m going to try and keep it up even though I’m a functional person again.

For instance, I’m pretty pleased about those thirsty plants: this is the first time I’ve successfully grown an herb garden and it’s fun to use this abundance of little fragrant leaves in my cooking. I have three kinds of thyme growing which is especially nice for my roast chickens.

Mint, chocolate mint, basil, sage, chives, dill, out of control oregano, German thyme, lemon thyme, and thyme. Also some onions that sprouted in the kitchen and the survival of which I question…

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