Seeing friends

I’ve been really lucky the last couple weeks in having two of my best friends come to visit me. I was afraid that I’d be super grumpy and tired and not remember how to socialize, but I’m down to 15mgs of prednisone and the grumpy tiredness was minimal. After a while I felt like I was actually remembering how to hang out with people and have fun.

We had some good adventures: one friend and I explored Savannah and St. Augustine, saw some spectacularly cute zoo critters, and learned how to make perfectly clear ice; the other friend and I spent a lot of time at the beach and on a friend’s boat, discovered that one of the posh resort hotels nearby has an amazing saltwater pool/hot tub combo that you can totally use for free (until you get kicked out), made lasagna and watched the academy awards, and got a little too obsessed with phone games. I’m still going to the gym a lot, working on getting more online work, listening to tons of podcasts, and in general feeling like life is improving…

A seaweedy but still gorgeous day at the beach–I went in the water for the first time in ages!
A perfectly clear ice sphere

And lots of very fancy animals…

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