Kohlrabi is better bigger

I thought, based on the one kohlrabi I’d eaten, that kohlrabi was a small little baseball-sized vegetable with far too much skin to be worth all the peeling, especially when it only tasted like broccoli stem in the first place. I was wrong. Turns out kohlrabi can be nearly as big as your head. And heavy, like throw-it-at-someone-and-knock-them-out heavy, (if you had that kind of upper body strength). It can also be sweet and light and crispy and totally delicious.


This beast came from our local farmers market. The leaves were delicious cooked, like more mild-flavored collards, pieces were good in soup, and it was really yummy roasted with olive oil! The best use was definitely the fritters though. Food processor shred (or grate) kohlrabi, carrot, and onion, add a bit of salt and pepper, an egg, and a couple spoonfuls of (paleo) flour, and you’ve got some of the most delicious fritters ever. As good as the best potato fritters, only lighter. Highly recommended.

Delicious delicious kohlrabi fritters frittering in a pan
Also: what happens to a sweet potato when you bake it without having poked enough holes in it first

2 thoughts on “Kohlrabi is better bigger

  1. Wow! I didn’t know kohlrabi grew bulbs like that, I’ve only ever gotten the leaves in my CSA box. They’re delicious. I’m growing kohlrabi and now I know to wait for bulbs!

    P.S. Same thing happens to eggplant if you don’t pierce it or cut it….

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