Things that happen on airplanes

First time out traveling alone after all the weirdness! What fun to be able to deal normally with public bathrooms, staircases, low airplane seats… Only a trip to Iowa, where it’s 30 degrees instead of 80 and covered in gray snow, but still good movement. The sound of car tires crunching snow outside in the early dawn reminds me of childhood.

It’s pretty mind-blowing that you can shift climates so completely in so little time. It takes almost as long to drive to the airport on each end as so to fly from Florida to Iowa. The flight itself was fast but freezing. A rather large girl was sitting in the middle, I had the aisle, and at first I felt put out by having my space intruded into (the armrest wasn’t coming down and what felt like a quarter of my seat was gone). She had a blanket and looked cozy though and I was absolutely freezing. At some point I realized that oozing even farther over to the aisle to keep my bubble intact was stupid–she obviously wasn’t worried about moving into my space, so I might as well take all of my space and be warm. So we essentially snuggled up for the duration of the flight while I listened to a few episodes of this This American Life and she listened to Rihanna. We didn’t exchange any words but she kept me from freezing…

One of the oddest things I ever saw someone do on a plane, not this flight but a couple years back, involved a large man: tattoos, biker style, orange hair, sweating, and asking in a very loud voice if he could move up a couple rows. He was so loud it was impossible not to have him draw everyone’s attention, even though he wasn’t complaining per se, just whatever he said filled the plane. My random seat mate and I both watched the large biker settle into his new seat across the aisle from us out of the corners of our eyes. The dude was kind of rocking back and forth. He got out his boarding pass print out. Very carefully, he tore the paper around his last name. He crumpled up this tiny bit of paper. Then, without looking left or right, he popped the little bit of paper in his mouth, chewed and swallowed. My seat mate and I exchange wide-eyed looks and tried not draw attention to ourselves by laughing.

Using this blog post to pass time in the doctor’s waiting room, so I’m sorry no other random airplane stories are coming to mind. It’s taking forever today; guess I’ll put This American Life back on. Would do anything for a hot coffee right about now…

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