New Year!

The holidays came and went very quickly and were rather strange and somewhat intense, for a variety of reasons I might not get into, but also quite festive.

I spent a few of the holiday days not following the AIP at all and it was was fun to remember what bread, cheese, and excessive amounts of birthday cake with cream cheese frosting taste like.

I also did some pretty festive cooking, including a really, truly delicious pot roast on my birthday and some Christmas morning doughnuts.

I received some gorgeous flowers on my birthday, delivered to my door(!), as well as a very thoughtful bucket of meerkats and several other super lovely presents and cards and thoughts from my wonderful friends and family.

Just what I’ve always been waiting for to show up in a box on my doorstep…

Physically I feel so much better that I need to write a new About Me page for this blog. Basically I can do anything, including stairs and getting up off the floor, though with a bit more maneuvering and arm strength than usual. I even plan to start going to the gym tomorrow for some light working out, podcast listening, and using of the hot tub.

My main problem now is that lowering the prednisone dose, and it’s going to take another four months or so to lower it to zero, is leaving me frequently extremely grouchy and tired, but this is, obviously, vastly preferable to being unable to do things. Still, it is rather unpleasant to frequently have days where absolutely everything is excruciatingly annoying, with my responses feeling completely outside of my control and steroid-dictated.

Anyway, unless I die this year, WWIII could start and I, personally, will have a much better year than last year. 2019 can literally only go up for me. Pretty excited about that.

And, big news, I actually went out last night for NYE! First time out with friends on a social event since last May! And it involved a small street fair, a party bus, friends, a swing set, music and dancing! I did manage to take one picture during the evening, but somehow I feel it doesn’t really do the night justice…

Bye 2018

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