Festive December

Done with NaNoWriMo! Grand total word count: 67,445. Now back to blog posts. I think that was the longest slog I’ve had with a NaNo month, literally bored myself to sleep a couple times trying to get words done, until inspiration finally took hold at about 45,000 words. The rest was much easier and ideas and plot finally started flowing. I guess that’s one of the great things about NaNoWriMo: it keeps you going until you find the flow in a project you would otherwise have abandoned. Now I’m having fun with the beginnings of revising–always my favorite part. I think eventually this is going to shape up into a fun little mid-grade novel about an orphan raised in a hotel, or possibly a little series, once I throw away all the bored-to-tears bits. 

In other news, we’ve put up a festive pagan Christmas tree with miniature rainbow-colored ornaments and named it Count Sasha Rostov after the main character in the really excellent A Gentleman in Moscow (more on this book in my next book review post). Normally wouldn’t name a Christmas tree, but this one seemed very keen to have a name.

The cats completely ignore Sasha. We are almost concerned about them, they both have such pathologically un-catlike tendencies: they ignore boxes and Christmas trees and wrapping paper and laundry. Possibly their world is too rich in lizards and moles and bunnies for them to care about colored balls hanging on indoor trees? 

In any case I’ve been enjoying cozying up next to Sasha in the mornings with a cup of fake tea and my laptop to do some noveling. In the evenings we’ve been watching old Hitchcock movies and it’s actually been chilly enough for a fire on a couple of nights. One or two days it stayed cool enough for me to wear my amazing dragon onesie all day. Festive Florida December has begun! 

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