200 paleo foods win!

I’ve officially eaten 200 different paleo foods in the last few months!

Ultimately it’s pretty cool to be able to look at a long list of food and see all the raw ingredients of everything you’ve eaten for months. My final list includes: 48 types of fruit, 68 types of vegetable, 32 types of meat and animal product, 40 herbs/seasoning/oils/other, and 12 seeds and nuts. I think I’ll keep going as new things come along to see just how high my list can get.

The best part was going for all the strange and unusual things I saw: fruits and vegetables I might have gone my whole life without trying, and where’s the fun in that? It’s a novel attitude to look over the items available at the market, or things on the menu, and go ‘I’ll take the weird ones’… I recommend it. Actually I recommend the whole experiment, it was fun.

Perhaps I could have made it harder by being more strict with what counts as a separate food, but I actually thought it would be a lot harder than it was.  On the other hand I could have teased out more varieties of fruits and vegetables, like figuring out which precise types of lettuce were in my lettuce mix. Not everything was AIP (I included nightshades, dairy, and seeds and nuts on the list), but everything was paleo.

And now I’m glad I can say I’ve tried rutabaga, yellow dragonfruit, soursop, malanga blancas, goldenberries, kiwi berries, boniatos, black radishes, new types of sweet potato and squash and more! I’m also glad I’ve tried shrimp, scallops, oysters, livers, and lobster, even though all of that was a bit forced and I can’t say that I’m developing a taste for seafood or organ meat… Beef roast on the other hand…

Here’s the complete list.

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