Deep fried chicken gizzards…

These are chicken gizzards frying.

Apparently this is a thing, and now I’ve tried it. This blog post convinced me chicken gizzards were pretty special items as deep fried things go; interestingly the writer also points out that chicken wings used to be discarded until someone in a bar started frying them up and they caught on as the popular snack we know today. Also probably the main takeaway I’ve got so far from The Paleo Approach is that offal (worst name for a food you are supposed to eat ever), is anything but: it is one of the healthiest things you can eat. Branching out from pâté in the offal department it seemed like a good place to go would be something deep fried…

These are deep fried chicken gizzards.

And they weren’t bad, they were just a little bit rubbery and strongly flavored. I found myself wishing they were just chicken nuggets. If they ever did catch on in bars I could see getting used to them and getting into them, but I’m not sure I could see making them again when I could just as easily bread and fry a less rubbery and strongly flavored bit of a chicken… But basically if I’m willing to try gizzards I feel I’m willing to try nearly anything at this point.

These are chicken gizzards: you’re welcome. Apparently (should you ever find yourself cooking them for some inexplicable reason) to keep them from being tough they should be pressure cooked or at least steamed before they are fried.


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