50 posts and The Paleo Approach

On Friday I made my fiftieth post and also got my fiftieth follower! This post makes 51, with 52 followers. It’s been fun and diverting having this blog to work on and I’m glad people are also enjoying reading it–thanks for following along with me!

The Rat Cat

In other news I’ve been exercising and getting a lot stronger lately. I can very nearly get up from the floor and can get up from pretty much any low thing which means I can drive my own car. Most important I can now pick up this extremely dense slice of cat and have been trying to remember to pick it up every time I see it wander by, just for the workout.

Breakfast with The Paleo Approach: buffalo patties, filled Instant Pot apples, blueberries

I also finally ordered The Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Bodyby Sarah Ballantyne, the book that pretty much defines the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol, and I’m super glad I did.  It’s laid out like a textbook and provides a really in-depth intro-Bio-like explanation of the immune system and the digestive system and how they interact with one another. After doing the AIP for several months I feel ready to get into the science of it and figure out how exactly food affects one’s immune system. For instance, instead of just avoiding gluten, it’s interesting to read about the functioning of the epithelial cell lining of the gut, to learn that a protein in gluten triggers the production of zonulin in these cells which causes them to be more permeable… It’s all fascinating to break it down and get inside the actual mechanics of it.

Of course right now my immune system is pretty much in off mode, so the healing aspect of the diet is most important, but eventually I will want to try eating some of the eliminated foods again and then there will be the real test in a year or so when I stop taking drugs and hope my immune system turns back on in a more functional way.

Also some of the stuff she lists in her extensive list of acceptable foods puts the random stuff I’ve sampled in my 200 Paleo Foods Challenge to shame. I haven’t even heard of tons of these. Lagos bologi? Tinda? Abusgata? Falberry? Arracacha? Ulluco? Pulasan? Safou? Salak? Riberry? Sudachi? Ugni? Celtuce? Samphire? I swear I’m not making any of this up! These are all fruits and vegetables, allegedly.  Though I still have a few she doesn’t have on my list, like aronia berries, boniato, malanga blanca, and sapote…

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