Exotic fruit fun

Finally splashed out at the farmers market for all the exciting Florida-grown exotic fruits on offer… Up to food 183 now in my 200 paleo foods challenge!

soursop, dragonfruit, jackfruit
The green one on the left is a soursop, across from it is a slice off a giant jackfruit, and on the top and bottom are a pink dragonfruit and a yellow dragonfruit
cocoa pod
A whole cocoa pod!
Inside: the bright pink dragonfruit, the clear yellow dragonfruit, the yellow pods of the jackfruit seeds and the sloppy white soursop insides

Jackfruit is an odd fruit: it tastes a bit like tropical punch or bazooka gum. Like all the sweet tropical fruits whizzed together indistinguishably into one fruit.

The soursop was an entirely new experience: strange pudding-like but fibrous texture, unique sweet flavor with subtle sour undertones. Especially good in smoothies.

The yellow dragonfruit and the cocoa pod were definitely the winners: the yellow dragon fruit was a bit like a crisp juicy lychee, or maybe a sweet lemon sorbet, eating it was like scooping up little spoonfuls of a finely crafted gourmet dessert.

The cocoa pod was a whole new delicious and strange way to taste chocolate. Very raw and wild; the white seed casing were especially tasty.

Inside the cocoa pod a delicious soft white casing surrounds bitter chocolatey beans. Fun to eat raw or to scoop into a smoothie


Dragonfruit smoothie
Dragonfruit soursop smoothie

Pink dragonfruit tends to be rather bland, I guess all the vibrancy goes into the color. Which really is glowingly incredible.

Actually I did have one truly delicious dragonfruit once…

Buying fresh dragonfruit on a beach in Indonesia
This was a seriously delicious dragonfruit

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