Food Updates and Kiwi Berries

kiwi-berriesI’m at food number 174 in my 200 paleo foods challenge, and it’s really fun to be able to look back on the list and see the variety of foods I’ve eaten and the new things I’ve tried.

Most interesting new food lately: kiwi berries. These soft little green berries taste just like kiwis! What’s more, apart from not having any fuzzy brown skin to peel, the insides look like mini kiwis. Highly recommended if you can find some.

I decided to re-soak the mushroom farm and it did, at last, sprout a mushroom! But instead of a little cluster of medium-sized oyster mushrooms as demonstrated in the picture, the farm disgorged one single solitary mushroom that expanded at a positively alarming rate, seeming to have doubled in size every time I looked at it. I think I’ll soak it again and see if I can get it to perform its magic mushroom engorgement trick once more.

Day 3
Day 4

This giant beast of a mushroom was most definitely delicious.

I recently made three more jars of sauerkraut out of a particularly dense cabbage, they krauted away in their dark kraut cupboard, and I believe the tools I bought to make them have now officially paid for themselves in money saved not buying sauerkraut. All the jars have tasted, maybe not delicious, but like sauerkraut is supposed to taste. Krauty. Next up: another batch of ruby red sauerkraut from a purple cabbage.

Not exactly a food update, but the lizard egg never hatched. The duck and chicken eggs were excellent, however.

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