David Byrne live

Just went to a second viewing of David Byrne’s American Utopia tour, this time in Orlando, and had my mind blown all over again.

This show is more of an art piece than a rock concert. Instead of a band set up on stage around a lead singer, twelve barefoot musicians in androgynous gray suits swirl and cavort about the stage, wearing instruments. Everyone is completely mobile and able to dance, including the keyboard player and several people with different types of drums, and the stage is stark and yet incredibly full of magic and energy and music.

The minimal stage decor, (a ceiling-high three-sided box of chain link curtains), somehow becomes one of the most beautiful and memorable sets I’ve ever seen as the performers materialize around it, weave through it, project shadows and light across it. Each song is a treat with some startlingly new and often hauntingly lovely performance accompanying it; the setlist hits both classic Talking Heads gems and wild arty David Byrne tunes.

Even if you’re not that familiar with Talking Heads or David Byrne, if you’re a fan of innovative mind-blowing concerts I can’t recommend this show enough. Easily one of the best concerts I’ve seen in my life. I feel like I spent last night in the presence of genius, bathing in a fount of creativity, and am actually a different person for it. I’m glad I’m not exaggerating because it’s a pretty cool way to feel.

Didn’t dare take my eyes away for pictures: see it for yourself if you can. David Byrne American Utopia Tour.

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