Duck eggs, sauerkraut, and a lizard egg

IMG_0898It turns out sauerkraut made from purple cabbage turns the most incredible ruby color when sitting alone in a dark cupboard for a week. Another successful attempt!

I can’t believe all you have to do is pound some shredded cabbage up with sea salt, weight it down and put a special lid on it, then put it in a cupboard for a week. (Totally easy tools and process here). I didn’t even check on this batch and it came out perfect, not to mention making a gorgeous garnish on a plate.


We’ve been so lucky as to get beautiful chicken and duck eggs from a friend’s pet chickens and ducks! Big orange yolks and so tasty. Apparently the ducks really like being fed cooked veggies and noodles.

Also I found a lizard egg outside, can’t wait to see if it hatches into the world’s tiniest baby lizard…

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