Growing Herbs and Mushrooms

Along with cooking, gardening has never been my thing. Indeed my use of fresh herbs has been mostly limited to harvesting the occasional spring of rosemary, or making pesto from a basil plant that doesn’t live long. Actually the truth is I’ve never bothered using herbs and spices in my cooking much at all: I’m used to pretty much salting my food and calling it a day.

But now I have the cutest little herb garden that I’ve been using all the time! Sage, oregano and thyme are growing happily on the porch beside the dauntless rosemary that’s seen more use in the last few weeks than in the entirety of its existence. I use something from out here basically every day.


IMG_0895On the other hand this mushroom farm that came free with a Thrive Market order seems to be doing less than nothing.

Is it because I was so convinced there was no way it would grow?! Because I haven’t watered it enough or because I’ve watered it too much? Because it’s got too much light or too little? It says you watch it grow around days 7-10 and harvest around day 12, it’s now day 12++ and there’s absolutely nothing there.

Has anyone ever got one of these to grow?!

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