The Instant Pot

Yes, we got an Instant Pot,and wow I seem to be using it almost every single day! It can pressure cook, slow cook, steam veggies and sauté. Not sure the sautéing function is that useful, (I suppose it would be if you lived in a dorm and this thing was your whole kitchen), but the winning feature is hands down the pressure cooker.

My favorite thing is the way I can decide to have squash or baked apples for breakfast and just throw them in and have them done in a few minutes! Baked apples have become my new breakfast of choice: I hollow out the cores and fill them up with dates or raisins and nut butter, then pressure cook them for about five minutes.

Baked apple and pear filled with almond butter, raisins, and tahini, cooked in under ten minutes
Beef bone broth

The Instant Pot makes bone broth fast and easy and doesn’t make the whole house smell like simmering meat, which is hugely nice.

The other day we did a whole chicken in the slow cooker and then braised it in the oven, we also did a whole chicken in the pressure cooker and it’s pretty cool to have a whole roast chicken, even from frozen, done in under an hour.

The pot roast was great to do in the pressure cooker because it was such a massive hunk of meat it took two whole pressure cooked hours, but would probably have taken eight at that rate in a normal pot on the stove!

I think the Instant Potwe got is the way to go for a multi-cooker: it seems to be one of the most highly reviewed, isn’t too expensive (same price across sellers like Amazon and Wal-Mart) and doesn’t have any obnoxious features like a dedicated quinoa button.

I hardly recognize myself, raving about kitchen products, but it’s honestly really satisfying to put on food and then go away and forget about it and come back to find it all done and nicely being kept warm. Plus I love the sounds the lid makes going on and coming off…

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