Krauting success!

IMG_0800My little pint of sauerkraut has been sitting in a dark cupboard for the last week busily fermenting itself, and now it appears that the special lids and jar weights did their job! It’s been a week and the sauerkraut tastes like sauerkraut.

I’m pleased with the tools I bought: no need to constantly check that the cabbage is still under the waterline because of the fermentation jar weights, and no need to open the jars every day to breathe because of the “pickle pipes” (silicon mason jar lids that do the venting for you).

Though not a one hundred percent success, unfortunately, as the one made with kefir whey tastes like a barn. I got the idea from my booklet of kefir instructions and recipes, so maybe it’s supposed to taste like barn, but I don’t care for it. Still, overall a successful first sauerkraut experiment. Purple cabbage next!

IMG_0802Lunch today did not involve sauerkraut but I’m pretty pleased with it: coconut wrapsfilled with cabbage sautéed in beef fat (from making bone broth), guacamole, mini buffalo patties, fried plantains, and lime.

Mostly I eat quite plain food (plain chicken soup with lots of veggies in bone broth every night) so it’s kind of fun to play around with some AIP experiments. This was my first go with coconut wraps and they are really tasty! Not exactly like tortillas, more like durable crepes, but made only from coconut (that most sublimely versatile of foodstuffs). I got some tasty inexpensive ones from Thrive Market, but they are also available here.

One thought on “Krauting success!

  1. Used to make lots of kefir….it was prolific and soon had much more than I needed. Sooo I started putting the mother to sleep in the fridge to slow it down.
    Tried to give a lot of it away….but it just kept on growing….also, every batch seemed a little bit more sour!


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