First 100 foods! And the hundredth was…

Wild Florida boar!

So that’s the easy part done, coming up with another 100 paleo foods will definitely be the challenge. Here’s what I’ve already got on the list: Eating two hundred different foods challenge.

A trip to the local farmer’s market furnished some items to put me up to one hundred: shrimp, rambutan, and wild boar. I’ve had rambutans before (they are very similar to lychees) but it was the first time I tried shrimp! Local Florida shrimp that the man said was the best he’d ever eaten and my mother (who’s eaten lots of shrimp) agreed, so a good shrimp to start on. Sweet and delicate with a really unusual crunch.

wild boar
Wild Florida boar loin with a side of local butternut squash

But the wild boar pork loin chop seemed like the thing to save for #100. Unfortunately I managed to overcook it as I seem to do with almost all the meat I cook despite REALLY TRYING NOT TO THIS TIME every single time. In this instance I over-thawed it I think. I guess I’m kind of a newbie at making food out of the freezer (lazy frozen pizza and ice cream is about all I used to keep there) and not basically cooking the meat in hot water first did not cross my mind. Will have to get some more at next Saturday’s farmer’s market and try again.


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