Why do I have this awful thing?

I’ve certainly been asking myself this question but the strange thing is I have a weirdly plausible answer. I’m doing what limited research I can, but the specialist I’ve been seeing is also looking into it and he should have much better luck.

I got these candida injections, six of them (three in my toe and three in my finger), to kill off two pernicious warts I’d had for a million years that hadn’t responded to anything else. In theory this is supposed to trigger your immune system to treat as an invader and attack something it wasn’t attacking before (the wart). It seemed to work, but it in exactly the same time frame my immune system flared up and started attacking my muscles and skin! How crazy is that?

Also, anecdotal evidence to be sure, but there seem to have been studies done that show candida injections in rats can trigger autoimmune arthritis. Totally bizarre but the timing was EXACT and the onset of the condition was so sudden, and why would a totally healthy person suddenly develop something like this without a trigger of some sort?

I’m hoping this means easily turned on, easily turned off, and in the meantime I’m very curious to find out more…

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