The greatness of a food processor

Magic food processor buddy

I would never have guessed I would be someone who would want one of these. Though I would also never have guessed I would someday be cooking super meaty meat things like pot roast!

But when you are doing all your cooking all the time from scratch and the cornerstone of your diet is 6+ cups of vegetables a day, processing food gets pretty tiring. Not to mention that chopping, grating and mixing all fall into the category of ‘things you do with your arms’, all of which are hard for me at the moment.

Add this guy to the kitchen though and the new staple of my diet (veggie-rich chicken soup) becomes insta-soup. Whiz some veggies through the food processor, add to bone broth, add chicken and garlic, wait.

The other best talent of the food processor (that I’ve discovered so far) is ease of making plantain crackers. Mmm plantain crackers. I’m trying to keep my diet super simple and not get off on the many adventurous and largely coconut and alternative-flour based treats people have come up with to make the AIP more exciting, but the occasional batch of plantain crackers adds a lot to nightly soup and also go great with chicken liver mousse. With just green plantains, coconut oil, garlic, salt and rosemary, these crackers manage to taste shockingly like regular crackers and have a deeply satisfying crunch. Recipe here. Think I’ll go make some right now…

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