Cooking for real

In the past I’ve really grudged time spent in the kitchen. I don’t like preparing food to cook, I don’t particularly enjoy cooking it, and if I only have to wash up two dishes afterwards that’s a win. I mostly ate things like avocado toast, stir-fries, salads, anything healthy but no muss no fuss. Well, all that seems to be changing. Not just out of necessity, but really because I don’t have much I can do at the moment so I have a lot of time on my hands and an appreciation of having a focus. That’s what’s really changing my attitude toward cooking: just appreciating having it to focus on at all.

Exciting, inspiring projects can help take one’s mind off of anything, even an autoimmune disorder…

I’m even officially making the occasional fancy lunch!

Coconut-creamed chicken and spinach, cauliflower mash, local sauerkraut

Yes this took forty-five minutes in the kitchen not five, but what else have I got to do except read novels, blog and hopefully regrow some muscles?

It’s been fun experimenting with cooking meat (often for the first time), AIP recipes that eliminate nightshades and pack in nutrient-dense food, ferments, even organ meats!

And I’ve learned tons I never expected to know about micronutrients and nutrition in general.

So last night we made a beef pot roast…

pot roast
This whole plate is only meat and vegetables!

Not only had I never cooked this dish before I’d never even tried it! (I grew up mostly eating vegetarian food.) And oh my it was delicious! We even made a yummy gravy from the sauce in the pot.

Here it is also with cauliflower mash (not that I’m obsessed with cauliflower mash, these are the only two times I’ve made it, but it does make a plate look nice), as well as yummy beet greens with spinach. Obviously I need to work on my food photography skills too, maybe that will be next…




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