Sugar in my Salt?!

So way back in April when my muscle weakness started up (not that long ago at all really–I can’t believe how fast this disorder has taken over my life!) it was suggested to me that a micronutrient deficiency might be to blame. I started supplementing electrolytes and also realized my diet was quite low in salt and iodine, so I picked up some Morton’s iodized sea salt, thought no more of it, and have mostly been flavoring my soups, patties, and stir-fries with it ever since.

Last night I happened to be sitting at the dinner table listening to something and my gaze fell idly on the salt container (haven’t put any in a shaker yet, laziness, no actually just don’t own a shaker) and to my surprise registered two ingredients in addition to sea salt and iodide.

Calcium Silicate and… DEXTROSE?

Am I wrong or is dextrose sugar? Is there sugar in my salt?!

A quick google showed up the fact that not only is dextrose sugar, it’s sugar made from corn. Undoubtedly GMO corn. Here I am being so holy careful with my new AIP diet and sprinkling GM corn on half my food. Minuscule amounts I’m sure, or at least hope, but damn is that shite pernicious!

Back to straight up sea salt with an even greater determination to READ THE BLOODY LABELS.


Watch out!

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